NEW! H-422 40/20/15/10M Quad-band rotatable dipole

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Handheld Antenna

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NEW!!!  **Available at most Ham Radio Dealers Now**
This is the compact dipole used for HF communications on the set of the ABC Television show "Last Man Standing" with Tim Allen.  The crowded space above the set required a compact multi-band dipole and the CHV-5X was selected as the best option.
5-Band, 1/2 wave rotatable dipole for 40/20/15/10/6 meters!
Compact, lightweight, and easily assembled in either a horizontal, "V" shape or ground-plane configuration.  Each band tunes independently of the others.
Comet engineers have specifically designed this antenna for those that desire a milti-band dipole that can be rotated if needed, but don't have a lot of room to install it.
If you have antenna restrictions, neighbors that tend to complain about antennas, simply want to operate without drawing attention...or you want a lightweight multi-band antenna to use in portable or emergency situations, the CHV-5X is a great choice.
Max power:  40/20M     150W SSB   
                      15/10/6M  220W SSB
Horizontal length:  13 ft approx
Weight:  5 lbs 14 oz approx
Impedance:  50 Ohm
Connector:  SO-239
Mounting mast req'd:  1"-2.5"
Typical 1.5:1 or less SWR bandwidth:
  40M:  22kHz
  20M:  36kHz
  15M:  54kHz
  10M:  140kHz
    6M:  1.8MHz
A installed above the set of ABC TVs "Last Man Standing" starring Tim Allen

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