NEW! H-422 40/20/15/10M Quad-band rotatable dipole

HF-6M Vertical

Magnetic Mount
for the SF-245SPR 2.4GHz mobile antenna

2.4GHz antenna

VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna

Handheld Antenna

Handheld Antenna

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12VDC motorized mount for trunks/hatch-backs, rear van doors etc. Heavy Duty motor  provides convenient lowering/raising of a mobile antenna. Approximately 17 feet of wire allows the up/down switch to be located within the  drivers reach.
Recommended for antennas up to 70 and weighing 1lb. 3oz. or less. Rubber coated base avoids scratches. Coax cable not included.
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Light duty, 3 adjustment planes, up to 45 antenna
Fits over any edge 1/4" thick or less, adjusts to vertical from virtually any angle.
Roof-Rack Mount  NEW!
Adjustable roof rack mount, max length:  2.5 inches
Mount to either a horizontal or vertical brace on the roof rack and it will adjust to vertical.
Made for the newer wide roof racks.
Max recommended antenna height:  60 inches
5/8 inch hole accepts SO-239 connectors
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Medium duty lip mount, 3 adjustment planes.
Attach to any lip on the vehicle, vertical or horizontal, as long as the lip is no more than 1/4" thick.  The mount will adjust to vertical. 
Recommended for antennas up to 60 tall.
The RS-720NMO has a 3/4 hole to accept an NMO mount.
The RS-720 has a 5/8" hole to accept an SO-239 (PO) type connector like the standard mobile cable assemblies: 3D4M, 3D5M, CK-3M, CK-3M5
The RS-730 is a similar lip mount however the footprint is larger.  If you have limited space along the lip edge, the RS-720 or RS-720NMO is a better option.
 Footprint:  2.1" x 1.15"
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Heavy-duty universal lip mount. Soft rubber gasket protects the vehicle paint. 
Four large set screws hold the mount in place, holding from the under-side.  
Adjusts in three planes, attach to any lip on the vehicle and it will adjust to vertical. 
Holds antennas up to 70/1 lb.
Footprint:  3.4" x 1.25"
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Heavy-duty lip mount, up to 80" antenna.
The strongest of all Comet lip mounts, the RS-840 has a support tab that crosses over the gap between the trunk/door edge to give it additional strength. The surface across the gap should be flush with the mounting surface for this tab to rest upon.
Footprint:  3.75" x 1.1"
After adjusting the mount so the antenna is vertical, a thru-bolt tightens and clamps the mount
in position preventing slippage or movement.
Soft rubber gasket protects the vehicle paint.  Four large set screws hold the mount on place.
Add any of our coax cable assemblies to complete the mount/coax combination. 
The HD-5M model is the combination of the RS-840 bracket and CK-3M5 deluxe coax cable assembly.
This bracket has been used with large Comet antennas antennas and the YAESU ATAS-120 with great results.

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